Standing Seam Metal Roof Training Alachua Florida

Looking for a way to grow your roofing business?  Want to learn more about Metal Roofing and be factory trained to install it?  Than this event is for you!  Gulf Coast Supply will be hosting a one day Standing Seam Metal Roof Training event on Wednesday, October 15th at their manufacturing facility near I-75 in Alachua.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Training in Alachua Florida

The Metal Roof coursework provided is entirely hands-on, which means you will actually be learning how to install Standing Seam Metal Roofing first hand. “We like to put the roofers in the driver seat”, commented Gulf Coast’s Metal Roof Trainer, Jasson Johnson.  Roofers that attend the event will learn at 10 unique standing seam metal roof training stations.  Each station introduces the roofer to another concept that they would find in the field. “By the end of the day, these guys are walking out of here with a new found confidence and respect for metal roofing”, said metal roof sales trainer, Tim Viens.

Some of the Standing Seam Metal Roof Training will include:

  • Eave Drip Installation & Lap
  • Miter Detail at Hip Cap
  • Roof Transition at Valley
  • Sidewall and Endwall Flashing
  • Lap of Panel at Valley
  • Boston Gable Detail
  • Skylight Flashing Detail

Metal Roof Training on a Boston Gable DetailMetal Roof Education on the proper use and type of tools will also be provided.  If you do not have the tools listed below which are recommended for the training you can loan them out at no charge during the event.

  1. Right/Left Snips
  2. Cordless Driver
  3. Tape Measure
  4. Pencil
  5. Hemming Tools
  6. Crimper

In addition to the Standing Seam Metal Roof Training, Gulf Coast will also offer a comprehensive Metal Roof Sales Training Seminar next door.  In Tim’s class, the owner of the Roofing Company and/or his sales team will be given a first class look at all things metal roofing and how they can incorporate the history, benefits and design guidelines of metal roofing into their sales approach.

It has been said that training is everything, and that is why Gulf Coast Supply has invested so much in the way of its GulfCoast Certification program.  “Our success as a metal roof manufacturer is very dependent upon the roofer’s ability and confidence to install the product” added VP of Sales and Marketing, Ray Bowen.  Homeowners seeking to find qualified metal roof professionals can turn to Gulf Coast Supply for recommendations direct from our “Find a Metal Roofer” plugin at the top of the page.


October 13, 2014