Metal Roofing takes flight at Sebring Aviation Expo!

The widely recognized annual Sebring Aviation Expo is here again! And this year Gulf Coast Supply is glad to be taking flight as one of the shows advertising partners at Booth T610.

Sebring Aviation Expo 2015

Sebring Aviation Expo 2015, Image by

Each year the event welcomes thousands of aviation enthusiasts from all over the world to get in on the latest and greatest in all things related to sports aircraft. 2015 marks year 11 for the widely acclaimed event. Over 300 area volunteers will help to orchestrate the 4 day Expo between January 14-17. For full event details check out the Sebring Aviation Expo online at

Also attending the show will be a host of exhibitors showcasing their planes, products, services and education for all things centered around the life of an aviator. Among these, will be Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing of Sebring, who will have a booth showcasing their long lasting metal roofing and siding options for airplane hangars, homes and out buildings. “We will have some great samples of our metal roofing and siding panels on display, as well as our sturdy sun-sky panels for maximum daytime illumination” commented local Sebring rep, Shawn Bray. Shawn will be on site to answer any questions visitors may have about the advantages of metal for a long term solution on buildings and roofs.

Metal Roof Visualizer from Gulf Coast SupplySee what Your Home, Aviation Building or Commercial project would look like with Metal Roofing/Siding while you check out the planes at the expo! If you have a picture of the building that you would like to see metal roofing or siding on, simply email it to Shawn while at the show or upload it here now: and select Shawn Bray as your rep. Our team will go to work, transforming the photo to show you what it would look like with Metal Roofing/Siding. “ProofMyRoof has got to be one of the coolest things that we can share with our clients, it makes the buying decision so much easier when you can SEE what the metal roofing will look like on your home or project before you buy, I highly recommend it”, shared Director of Marketing, Mark Risley.

Metal Roofing and Siding from Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing of Sebring FloridaFor more information, fly in to our full manufacturing facility in Sebring, just behind the regional airport for a plant tour and to learn more about all of our metal roofing and siding options available. We look forward to seeing you at this years Expo! Check out our Ad for some cool savings on your purchase!


January 13, 2015