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As the Southeast’s premier choice for metal roofing for over two decades, Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing has set out to provide the best value in metal roofing through product availability, fast and reliable service, and expertise. With over 40 color options and 9 profiles to choose from, Gulf Coast Supply offers complete metal roofing solutions.

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Committed to Our Customers

While metal roofing performance is crucial, it is only part of what Gulf Coast Supply offers. Gulf Coast Supply prides itself on offering start-to-finish solutions designed to make its customers more productive and more profitable.


This powerful free service allows customers to upload a photo of their project to Gulf Coast’s website. Gulf Coast will then superimpose all profiles and color options available, allowing the customer to try on their new metal roof before they buy. Try it out now!


QuickQuote™ allows customers to obtain a free material estimate simply by providing an address of the proposed jobsite. Gulf Coast customers can submit bids faster and close more deals.

Delivery Time 

With industry-leading turnaround times, Gulf Coast offers multiple delivery options. Our company-owned fleet offers crane trailers, tractor trailer options for large projects (up to 50-ft-long exposed fastener panels), and crated option for standing seam systems.

Expert Sales

An expert sales staff is available to guide customers through the ordering process and is available to answer any questions about our products. Help is only a phone call away!


Gulf Coast Supply’s Contractor’s Advantage™ Factory Training offers a comprehensive education program consisting of a number of hands-on seminars, as well as classroom seminars. Participants learn about important topics like proper installation techniques, warranty, codes/standards, estimating, sales, and marketing.


Gulf Coast roofs have had over 100 wind tunnel tests collectively. With an engineer on staff, Gulf Coast has extensive product testing and development. Our PE offers technical guidance and support to customers.


Learn best practices and how to set yourself apart from your competition by discussing your business goals with our marketing professional on staff.

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