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Gain the Professional Workmanship Advantage with GulfCoast Certified™

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Available exclusively to Florida homeowners, GulfCoast Certified™ offers the most comprehensive and exhaustive manufacturer certification program available in the residential metal roofing market. It is the only program in the state requiring that participating metal roof contractors attend an intensive 8 hour Hands-On-Training Seminar where they are responsible for the satisfactory completion of 9 unique roofing stations that feature the following core details:

  • Eave Drip Installation & Splice Connection
  • Common Panel Installation
  • Valley Installation at a Roof Transition
  • Intersecting Valley to Valley Instruction
  • Valley Cleat Installation
  • Valley Hemming Instruction
  • Gable Rake Installation
  • Intersecting Gable Rake to Valley Instruction
  • Ridge Cap Installation (Connections at Valley + Rake)
  • Endwall Flashing Installation
  • Sidewall Flashing w/Z-Closure Installation
  • Flashing Installation at Curbed Skylight

In addition to the actual hands-on installation of each of these trims, Certified™ Metal Roof Contractors are required to complete and document (3) metal roofing projects that cover each of the above mentioned installation details completed to recommended manufacturer specifications for submission and use as case study by GulfCoast Supply.

To ensure that correct practices are being demonstrated, GulfCoast Certified™ Contractors must consult with one of our GulfCoast Factory Certified instructors for a minimum of 4 hours on-site with a satisfactory review free of any major delinquencies in installation.

For each unique project, participating metal roof contractors will be responsible for issuing the homeowner a satisfactory 5 point quality workmanship review inspection that shows that they have installed the metal roof project to manufacturer specifications. Water tightness and pleasing aesthetics will be covered in the following areas:

1.) Inspection and Repair of All Rotten Wood
2.) Approved Metal Roof Fastening Pattern
3.) Installation of Components
4.) Correct Trim Details
5.) Sealant and Tape Application

Homeowners will be responsible for signing off on their overall approval of the project and will be given the opportunity to “rate” their metal roof contractors performance.

Gain the professional workmanship advantage on your project when you hire a GulfCoast Certified™ Metal Roof Contractor. Locate a GulfCoast Certified™ Contractor near you today!

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