A professional commercial office plaza with our metal roofing in Patina Green.

Commercial Metal Roofing and Siding Division

A fast growing area of GulfCoast Supply and Manufacturing is our commercial metal roofing division.  With fully equipped boom lifts and roll-form ready trailers that crisscross the state on a daily basis, we are more than capable of handling both your small and large commercial and industrial projects.  We have an extensive offering of robust metal roof panel types that are ideal for the advanced construction methods of commercial roofing.

Commercial metal roofing and siding is great for the following project types:

  • Commercial Plazas & Strip-Malls
  • Church & Worship Assemblies
  • Schools & Educational Facilities
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals & Wellness Centers
  • Office & Retail Buildings
  • Industrial & Warehouse Complexes

We offer all of our commercial metal roofing systems with Kynar500®, the only paint finish engineered to best withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays while maintaining a clean, smooth appearance.  For most business owners, curb appeal is everything, and with Kynar500® from GulfCoast Supply you can be sure that the metal roof color you install today will be the metal roof color that you have for years to come!

Take the Kynar500® Fade Test Challenge to see the difference!

Our standing seam profiles including MegaLoc™, VersaLoc™, GulfSeam™, and GulkLok™ have been used by roofing contractors across the southeast because of their extreme durability and low maintenance requirements.  High profile projects including large multi-family condominium and apartment complexes, educational institutions, health and medical facilities and common governmental buildings like fire and police stations have all found the extreme value that comes with premium metal roofing materials from GulfCoast Supply.

All of our commercial roofing systems offer industry leading engineering and are backed by the best warranties available, including our 25 year saltwater and corrosion resistive OceanGuard™ Coastal Aluminum Roofing Series. With these beach-friendly profiles including our exposed fastener 5V Crimp, and hidden fastener GulkLok™, MegaLoc and VersaLoc™ aluminum roofing systems you will get unmatched performance out of your coastal roof.  Check out all of our aluminum roof systems on our OceanGuard™ page.

Architects, engineers and developers alike have trusted GulfCoast Supply with their commercial roofing projects both in the United States as well as offshore projects overseas and in the Caribbean.  We foster relationships built on consistent premium product development and reliable shipping and delivery of materials so that your team can best meet their projections.  We understand, like you, that every phase of the construction process is critical to the overall success of the project.  We would love the opportunity to partner with you on your next project to give you a firsthand look at the GulfCoast difference!

Our entire team of metal roof sales and service professionals are trained and ready to discuss your commercial metal roofing project needs.  With our SureQuote™ metal roofing CAD and material estimating service we are able to provide your team a comprehensive drawing and panel layout for any one of our (8) metal roofing profiles absolutely free of charge.  We also offer premium metal roof samples in the color and profile of your choice – simply contact our sales staff today and ask about PrioritySample™ and we will send you the color and profile of your choice to review.

For architectural and engineering projects which demand high quality computer generated renderings of the proposed roofing materials, we offer our revolutionary new program called ProofMyRoof™.  This incredible roof visualizer service is great for roof simulation on projects that will be retrofitted with new metal roofing.  To view how it works, check out our ProofMyRoof™ DEMO.

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