A family of eight, a man and wife with their six young children in front of their new home, provided by GulfCoast Supply.

Metal Home Kits for Relief Homes

In recent years, one of the missions of GulfCoast Supply has become the provision of Metal Home Kits for people living in crisis situations in third world countries. Beginning in 2006, shortly after some initial work with the wheelchair distribution organizations, GulfCoast developed the Relief Home as a low-cost solution for housing needs in places like Guatemala and Haiti.

GulfCoast Supply Metal Home Kits are built to be functional for the long haul and are in many cases a more structurally sound solution than an evacuee’s previous dwelling.  Our low-cost International Relief Homes and Housing Shelters can provide a needy family with a refuge of protection that they so desperately need.


Each Housing Shelter is 18’ x 15’ with a 20 gauge steel infrastructure wrapped with our 29 gauge steel roofing and wall panels.  Every shelter is designed to withstand high winds, and its steel construction provides stellar resilience against impending earthquakes.  

All Relief Home Kits include the following elements:

  • 20ga. Galvanized Metal Post and Frame Tubing
  • 29ga. Gulfalume Painted Walls and Metal Roofing Panels
  • Radiant Foil Insulation for Energy Efficient Living
  • Rainwater Collection Metal Roof System
  • Living quarters with (2) rooms
  • Skylights (2)
  • Windows (2)
  • Door (1)
  • Multipurpose Crating Materials for bunk-beds, table and shelving
  • *Optional* 4’x18’ porch (call for pricing)

In addition to amazing strength and low maintenance properties, the Relief Homes from GulfCoast Supply are also economically packed for maximum crating, shipping and even living purposes.  Each Relief Home Kit is shipped in two protective crates which double as premium material and assembly of bunk-beds, tables and shelving!

Mother and her seven children in their recently erected Relief Home from GulfCoast Supply.

Mother and her seven daughters and baby in their recently erected Relief Home in Guatemala.

A standard container load can be manufactured with relatively short notice and can include up to (30) complete Relief Home Kits ready for immediate assembly.  Each International Relief Home comes in (2) 21”x21”x118” crates, and are packed into standard 40’ shipping containers.  We send shipments on a regular basis and have extensive experience with the details of building material supply and transport, especially to third-world-countries.

Installation of our Relief Home Kits is easy.  They can be erected on packed dirt, concrete, pavers and asphalt conditions, and can be completed for use before sun down.  In fact, a crew with limited construction experience can usually install several relief home kits per day.  Kits can be completely assembled at the home site, or in sections at a designated staging area.  Sectional transport is simple, and allows for quick assembly at the project site.  Using a staging site often proves to be the most time efficient method for multi-unit assembly of the relief home kits.

Our comprehensive Metal Home Kit Installation and Detail Guides are provided with every order for your added convenience and ease of assembly.  Call or Chat with one of our Relief Home Specialists today to learn more about these incredible tiny home safe havens!


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