A beautiful residential home with a professionally installed metal roof.

Residential Metal Roofing and Siding Division

As Florida’s LARGEST residential metal roofing manufacturer, we know a couple of things about successful project planning and material selection in the residential roofing sector.

Our rich history is rooted in personal relationships with homeowners all across the state and eastern United States seeking to add brilliance, energy-efficiency and longevity to their residence with a premium metal roof. With every new project, our understanding and familiarity with the needs of homeowners grows; and today, with over 10,000 metal roofs successfully delivered to consumers spreading from as far south as the Caribbean and northward into parts of New York, we have been given direct insight from homeowners just like you as to what drives the most successful projects and have incorporated that insight into every new order that is made.

We love to be challenged by our homeowners. It is with that mentality alongside our relentless pursuit to mold and shape our business model around your needs that we have been able to secure our position as Florida’s #1 residential metal roofing manufacturer.

Most all of our metal roofing panels have been created with the residential roof in mind. Check out our strong, fast covering exposed-screw systems like GulfRib™ and GulfPBR™ or if you prefer more of a traditional, Old-Florida look you may want to look to our 5V Crimp panel. For homeowners that are located in coastal conditions the 5V Crimp, GulfLok™ and MegaLoc™ systems are available in OceanGuard™, our Coastal Aluminum Roofing Series which offer corrosion and salt water warranties right on the beach!

For the homeowner wanting to go with the best systems available, we offer our line of ultra, premium hidden fastener metal roof systems. These include our clip system GulfSeam™ and our snap system GulfLok™. All of these systems boast incredible strength and water tightness properties, with fasteners that are “hidden” under the seams of the panel, giving your roof a smooth, clean appearance.

Metal roof fade is a big problem, especially for homeowners in Florida. This is why we offer all of our Residential Metal Roofing Systems with Premium PVDF Resin-Based Kynar500® Finishes, the only paint finish engineered to best withstand the harsh UV rays of Florida’s sun, promising your roof long lasting color and extreme weatherability.

Our metal roof panels are offered in a variety of steel and aluminum sizes depending on the strength that you prefer, including 29, 26 and 24 gauge steel and 0.032 and 0.040 aluminum. If you would like to have us send you a sample of the metal roofing panel in the profile, size and color of your choice, simply call or chat and ask us about a PrioritySample™ for the particular profile and color you are interested in.

We understand that residential metal roofing materials and installation methods must comply with local and state building codes and ordinances, and in some cases even historical review and architectural advisory boards. Additionally, some residential neighborhoods are governed by deed restrictions and covenants often implemented by the overseeing HOA (Home Owners Association). GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing works closely with these agencies ensuring that your purchased products meet & exceed all necessary requirements whenever possible. We pride ourselves in the success of each project, and we are willing to give your project the attention that it deserves.

The residential permitting process doesn’t need to be any more difficult than it already is. This is why we are determined to not only provide you with premium products and service, but also to stand behind our products and services with the best available warranties in the industry.

We would love the opportunity to help you take your home to the next level with the best metal roofing materials and service in the industry all backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. From product specifications and engineering to installation manuals and our comprehensive resource catalog, GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing makes every step of your metal roof experience both enjoyable and educational.

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