Kynar 500 Premium Paint Coating for Metal Roof Color that Lasts!
The Sun can fade non-Kynar 500 colors over time.  Protect your roof with Kynar 500.
See the Kynar 500 difference over Standard SMP colors

Florida’s climate is more demanding on paint coatings than any other state in the country due to extreme UV exposure, humidity and salt content. Use the Slider below to see how our premium Kynar500® PVDF resin based finishes hold up better to these elements than any other Paint Finish on the market.

Take the Kynar 500 vs Standard Paint Fade Test Challenge.
  • No apparent color change
  • Still like new
  • Still saving money on energy bills
  • Significant fade
  • Energy savings decrease

Welcome to the Kynar500® Metal Roof Fade Test Challenge!

No other paint coating stands up to the sun’s harsh UV rays like Kynar500® premium PVDF finishes.  Simply slide the sun across the Kynar500® Metal Roof Fade Test timeline above and watch the significant fade and chalk differences between Kynar500® and Standard SMP paints over the course of 30 years.  Toggle between metal roof paint colors to see how each primary color group is affected when not protected by the age defying Kynar500® system.

Download our Kynar500® Brochure here to learn more or simply scroll down this page for a comprehensive look into the incredible engineering of Kynar500®.

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Why Specify Kynar500: Superior UV Protection, Premium Weatherability, Mildew Resistive Finish and Unmatched Color Retention
The only beautiful roof color that lasts!
Nobody values your roof like you do.  Nothing preserves that value like Kynar500.
35 Year Warranty

Kynar500® has been used for nearly 50 years as a premium PVDF metal roof paint coating on large scale Commercial, Industrial and Residential buildings around the world because of its amazing weather and age-resistant qualities, and now we have taken that same technology to the roof!

As Florida’s LARGEST Residential Metal Roofing manufacturer, we stock more Kynar500® finishes than any other Direct-To- Homeowner provider in the southeast United States.

While common SMP (Siliconized Modified Polyester) paints are typically featured as the finish of choice among metal roofing distributors, our product testing and development team has never been satisfied with the high color fade tolerance that is permitted with these less premium finishes.  This is why we have fostered long standing partnerships with the world’s most recognized leaders in paint technologies.

Valspar® is one such company and is our exclusive provider of premium Kynar500® paint finishes which allow an amazing fade tolerance of just (5.0) Hunter BE Units as determined by the ASTM method 0-2244-2 for a minimum of 25years from installation, engineering which is miles beyond standard SMP paints and affords us the opportunity to offer an industry leading 35/30 Year Premium Product Warranty.

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Kynar500 Layer System
Kynar500 Premium Paint Coating
Commercial Grade Metal Primer
Chemical Pretreatment Layer
AZ50 Galvalume Corrosion Barrier
Steel or Aluminum Core Panel
AZ50 Galvalume Corrosion Barrier
Chemical Pretreatment Layer
Corrosion Resistant Primer

With much more protection than conventional SMP paints commonly marketed as “Superior”by most metal roof manufacturers, Kynar500® from GulfCoast Supply boasts a multi-layered paint coating process that has the “proven data” to back up its claims of true superiority when it comes to the best metal roof finish available in the marketplace.

With more extensive reporting and case studies then any other system, Kynar500® has a long established track record for unmatched performance in the intense solar conditions found across Florida and in the Sun Belt territories across the US.

With the LARGEST inventory available for direct to consumer purchase, this premium PVDF resin-based coating from GulfCoast Supply should be THE ONLY paint coating that makes the conversation when considering the paint finish that will be installed on your metal roof project.

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CoolRoof Technology
Reduce Energy Consumption with Kynar500 pre-painted metal roofing systems.
Lower the carbon footprint of a building by significantly reducing the solar heat gain into the attic or living space below resulting in a much cooler energy bill for you.
Resist fade and stay cool even in Florida's blistering sun, humidity, and corrosive salt atmosphere.

In a recent government energy analysis of annual household usage among American families, it was reported that 2/3 of all US residents have one or more air-conditioning units.  This was followed by the fact that these residential cooling systems make up for nearly 5% of ALL the electricity used in the United States in a given year at an estimated investment of close to $11 billion dollars.

As the first line of defense on your home, the metal roofing paint finish that is chosen by homeowners can make all the difference in how much they contribute to the staggering national consumption as presented above.  Make the investment on the front end with Kynar500® PVDF Metallic Coatings and enjoy the return that this amazing system will yield over the long haul.

Engineered to last, guaranteed to save you money, Kynar500®!

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Questions about Kynar, with answers that won't fade.
Why is Kynar500® the only choice if you want lasting color in Florida?
Florida’s climate is more demanding on paint coatings than any other state in the country due to extreme UV exposure, humidity and salt content. This is why generic paint systems that don’t use Kynar500® experience such high levels of color loss over such a short period of time.
Why do some companies say that their coatings are “as good as” or “better than” Kynar500®?
This is simply not true. Stocking premium products requires a financial commitment that most companies are not willing to make. Unfortunately when their product fades in just 3 to 4 years, they already have their money.
What are the benefits of a roof with Kynar500®?
Besides keeping its color better than any alternative roof coating, Kynar500® preserves your home value, keeps energy bills down and resists mold and dirt buildup.
Is it true that Kynar500® paints are softer than other systems?
Yes. Less premium coatings tend to be harder, more brittle, and much more easily broken down by sunlight. Standard handling procedures will not damage Kynar500® coatings.
How can I be sure THAT I can rely on Kynar500®?
In Florida the reasons for choosing Kynar500® are evident. See for yourself! Google Kynar500® and see why 9 out of 10 architects across the country prefer it as their Premium Paint Coating.

KYNAR500® has an allowable fade tolerance of not more than five (5.0) Hunter BE units as determined by ASTM method 0-2244-2 for a minimum of 25 years from installation. In other words, the difference is barely visible by the human eye.

Strong Bond Technology
Kynar500 is formulated using one of the strongest chemical bonds known to man, resulting in superior, long-life color for your roof.
This Fade Test makes it clear
Taiyo Steel of Funabashi, Japan, made a test fence out of the south wall of a new plant they were building.  They wanted to test the weatherability of Taiyo Steel's precoated metal products.  Fourteen years later, Kynar500 resin-based coating was the only system that kept its original appearance.
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