Exposed Screw
Premium Metal Roofing System

With exposed screw metal roofing from GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing, you will receive a fast-covering, economical panel that is as strong as it is beautiful.  These systems are installed with exposed fasteners that go directly through the top of the panel into the roof structure below, allowing for superior performance in the event of a storm. Systems offered feature distinct strengths and installation methods that can be applied across agricultural, residential and even commercial projects. View each exposed-screw metal roofing system below for more information. Simply click the “View Full Profile” button to learn more.

Exposed Screw Metal Roofing System

Gulf Coast Supply
Gulf Rib exposed screw metal roofing system
  • Durable & Energy Efficient
  • 3/4" Trapezoidal Strong Ribs
  • Fast, Easy Installation
Coastal 5V exposed screw metal roofing system
  • Authentic Florida Design
  • Anti-Siphoning Technology
  • Unique 24" Panel Width
Gulf PBR exposed screw metal roofing system
  • Tremendous Strength
  • Superior Water Tightness
  • 36" Width & 1-1/4" Ribs
Gulf Wave exposed screw metal roofing system
  • Strong, Charming & Architectural
  • Continuous 3/4" Rolling Ribs
  • 29" Coverage Installs Quickly