Hidden Screw
Premium Metal Roofing System

Hidden Screw Premium Metal Roofing (aka Standing Seam Metal Roofing)

With hidden screw metal roofing from GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing, you will receive a roofing system with a clean, smooth appearance that is free from any outward penetrations and virtually maintenance free.  Commonly referred to as a standing seam metal roof, these hidden fastener systems are as strong as they are attractive and offer the advantage of a completely hidden fastener system, eliminating the worry of water intrusion that sometimes accompanies exposed fasteners and other styles of roofing.

Each of our standing seam metal roof systems offer unique strengths and installation methods that can be utilized in both residential and commercial projects.  All standing seam metal roof profiles are rolled on-site by one of our metal roof specialists.  Hidden-screw panels are available in high tensile strength steel and forged aluminum with our OceanGuard™ Coastal Aluminum Roofing Series.  View each hidden-screw metal roofing system below for more information.  Simply click the “View Full Profile” button to learn more.

Gulf Coast Supply
Gulf Lok hidden screw metal roofing system
  • Popular & Cost-Effective
  • Slotted Screw Strip Design
  • Available widths of 12"-16"
Gulf Seam hidden screw metal roofing system
  • The Ultimate in Standing Seam
  • Bold 1-3/4" High Seams
  • Available widths of 14"-18"
Coastal Seam hidden screw metal roofing system
  • Architecturally Inspired
  • VersaLoc: 12"-16" w/ 1.5" Seams
  • MegaLoc: 12"-18" w/ 2" Seams