Premium Metal Roofing System

Build your metal roof system to perform around your needs with any of our premium metal roof accessories.  From added strength to energy conservation, these metal roof extras are sure to bring great value and overall performance to your metal roof system.

Lifetime Warranted Screws

Metal Roofing Panels are engineered to be installed one of two ways:

1.)    Metal Roof Panels with Concealed Fastener Application (Screws are not visible on roof)

2.)    Metal Roof Panels with Exposed Fastener Application (Screws are visible on roof)

For the first of these two methods, it is not necessary that you make the decision to go with a corrosion resistant stainless screw.  This is because with concealed fastener metal roof systems the panels are secured using either a snap, clip or mechanically sealing process that leaves no visible outward connectors, meaning that the climate conditions play much less of a damaging role on their performance.

The second method however, is much more susceptible to rust and corrosion because the fasteners are installed directly through the top of the panel with direct exposure to the elements above, allowing for a much greater chance of significant long-term damage  to the connectors.

Exposed Screw systems are used on some of the most well-known and respected structures around the world due to their impressive appearance and economical price tag.  The difference in these metal roof systems is made in the fasteners that hold the roof in place.  This is why choosing lifetime warranted screws is highly recommended for roofing projects with Exposed Screw metal roof panels.  Your metal roof panels are going to stand the test of time, your metal roof screws should also!

For more information about how Lifetime Warranted Screws can add years to the life expectancy of your roofing materials, Call or Chat with one of our Metal Roof Specialists today!

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Titebond Metal Roof Sealant

Go the distance with Titebond® Sealant for Metal Roofs.  Specifically formulated to provide the strongest weather-tight seal against all forms of moisture and dirt buildup, this superior polymer outworks and outperforms all other sealant products and technologies, including silicones VOC solvent, urethanes and tripolymers. Titebond® sealant works very well with Kynar500® PVDF resin based metal coatings in addition to standard metal, steel, aluminum and Gulfalume™ roofing materials because of its exceptional adhesion properties. Ideal for use on a wide variety of metal roof applications, Titebond® Sealant can be used for waterproofing and adhesion on metal roof panels, trims, caps and flashings.

We carry Titebond® WeatherMaster™ Metal Roof Sealant in most all of our 44 colors for maximum aesthetic appeal on any GulfCoast metal roofing or siding project.  If touch-ups are necessary, the clear product can be painted with a water/latex-based paint one hour after application. Titebond® Metal Roof Sealant is UV-resistant and will expand and contract in the changing temperatures without cracking.

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Color Match Pipe Boots

Penetrations come as a standard part of the roof sealing process, but they don’t have to be unsightly!  With color match pipe boots from GulfCoast Supply you can bring form and function to any number of common vented roof penetrations.  With a number of color match options offered, it is easy to help make these unattractive roof protrusions go away.

Well stocked with sizes ranging from as small as 3” to well over 10”, customers can pick up most orders same day or have them delivered as a part of their metal roofing package. Also available in these sizes is our line of high-heat resistant boots, which can withstand temperatures well beyond 250˚ and serve as a great fit for hot stacks and flues that vent through your roof.

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Vented Ridge Closures

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Premium Skylights

Bring outdated skylights up to date with Low-E roofing skylights from GulfCoast Supply.  Engineered to be impact resistant, these water tight windows work seamlessly with metal roof applications of all types.  Designed with Florida in mind, these energy efficient units boast an amazing Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of just 0.23!

An entire welded envelope provides superior strength and protection from high winds and driving rain, allowing you to rest and work comfortably below.  All skylight systems are offered with your choice of a mill finish or painted 6” aluminum curb and pre-painted white interior and come with all necessary fasteners for installation.

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Closure Foam

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Reflective Foil Insulation

Beat the heat with GulfCoast Reflective Foil Insulation! An effective solar energy barrier, this compact bubble insulation has been proven to significantly reduce the transfer of radiant heat through metal roofing and siding products.

Download the R-Foil Insulation Spec Sheet

Here are a few of the amazing features and benefits of this product:

  • Radiant Energy Reflectivity (up to 97%)
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Unaffected by Humidity & UV Rays
  • Easy Installation
  • Mold, Fungus and Pest Resistant
  • Proven NASA Technology

Unlike most outdated forms of roofing insulation which simply rely on just  “blocking” the flow of heat through walls and ceilings, the advanced technology of GulfCoast R-Foil offers home and business owners a solution that works by “reflection”, effectively redirecting as much as 97% of the radiant energy back away from the roofing surface. This can dramatically cut down on energy costs in air-conditioned housing, as well creating an efficient “shade” in open air and out-buildings like porches, garages, and utility buildings which are commonly non-cooled.

INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE, R-Foil Insulation can be:

  • Laid out over roof decking or existing shingles
  • Taped to metal purlins steel buildings
  • Stapled to wood purlins in post frame buildings
  • Attached to the bottom of metal purlins
  • Laid down over ceiling joist or staples to underside of rafters

Reflective Foil Insulation from GulfCoast Supply is available in:

  • WHITE FOIL: 1 side Foil, 1 side White Poly
  • DOUBLE FOIL: Foil on 2 sides

Call or Chat with one of our Metal Roof Energy Specialists today to find out how R-Foil Insulation can help improve your project!  ^ Top of Page

Titanium Underlayments

Before installing your new metal roof, it is important to select the right roofing underlayment to serve as an approved vapor barrier against air, water and moisture intrusion.  Until more recent years, the product of choice was a standard 30lb felt paper… especially as it related to shingle roofing.  With more and more homeowner’s seeing the obvious benefits of going with a long term solution in metal roofing, it became necessary that the industry put in place a long term underlayment counterpart.

We found that counterpart to be TITANIUM® Synthetic Metal Roofing Underlayment by InterWrap®.  Their system technology offers a woven synthetic composition that boasts a final product that not only outperforms traditional 30lb felt, but is also 6 times lighter and 20 times stronger.

With 30 and even 40 year warranties available, TITANIUM® metal roof underlayments have been specifically designed to offer the roofer a safe, secure and simple roofing underlayment system that stands up to even the most extreme weather and wear conditions.

Offered as a roll down application (UDL-25/30) as well as a Peel & Stick application (PSU-30), TITANIUM® premium metal roof underlayments are both easy to install as well as walk on, offering a built in non-slip textured surface that can be climbed even in steep slope instances and is tear resistant.

To get the most out of your metal roof, be sure to specify this mold resistant, fully recyclable superior metal roof underlayment system.  Call or Chat today to find out why more Roofer’s prefer the advanced technology of TITANIUM Synthetic Metal Roofing underlayments than anything else.

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1″ x 4″ Wood Purlins

Far more affordable than what is found at most major lumber yards because of our incredible turnover, our 1×4 Wood Purlins promise great strength at a great price.

All of our 1×4 Wood Purlins are #2 Southern Yellow Pine and meet all requirements as set forth by the Florida Building Code.  All specimens are untreated, as treated lumber is cured using compounds that, when in contact with metal roofing, can be highly reactive causing abrasion and rust, voiding manufacturer warranties.

The installation of 1×4 Wood Purlins can be done over open rafters, on top of plywood or even over the first layer of asphalt shingles on existing structures.  These structural members add strength and integrity in addition to an energy efficient dead air space which is very helpful in the combat against the intense Florida heat.  Many times the 1×4’s are installed over existing roofing systems that are going to be upgraded to help ensure that any previous moisture intrusion resulting in structural damage does not adversely affect the new metal roofing system.

Members are attached using standard fasteners and are spaced (parallel to the ridge) per the requirements of the particular metal roof system and local wind rating requirements.  For more information on how 1×4 Wood Purlins can add value, strength and energy efficiency to your metal roofing project, Call or Chat with one of our professional sales reps today.

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