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Metal Roofing System Components

Metal Roof Components from GulfCoast Supply include caps, flashing and trims that are engineered to strengthen, seal and protect the entire metal roof system.  Fabricated using state-of-the-art automated technology, these metal roof components play a great role in protecting your metal roof from the unruly elements of mother-nature.

A crucial part of realizing the full benefits of any metal roof system can be traced back to the success or failure of the structural metal roof components manufactured to accompany and compliment the installation of the roofing panels.  When manufactured and installed properly, these connectors can serve to greatly enhance the work-ability of the entire metal roof system, nearly eliminating the risk of any moisture intrusion.

Hip Cap

Spanning the length of Roof Hips along intersecting roof planes, these structural components provide a water tight roof cap over exposed panel ends.  Offered in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to fit any roofing project, these GulfCoast Hip Caps are customized using advanced computerized machinery for each project to correctly form fit the pitch of your roof.

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Endwall Flashing

Watertight flashing installed along the top or upper edge of roof panels at end or receiving walls, these components serve as flashing to prevent water intrusion at wall to roof connections.  By installing these properly along these areas, rain water that moves down the face of vertical walls is safely redirected away from the panels below, greatly reducing the likelihood of moisture intrusion and corrosion under and behind the flashing.

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Chimney Flashing

Flashing that creates a watertight perimeter around protruding structures including Chimneys, Cupola’s and the like, these components provide a seal that protects both the integrity of the exposed building structure as well as the underlying connecting metal roof panels.  Every roof project comes with a unique construction scenario, which is why we have engineered these flashings to be as universal as possible, allowing for a quick and secure adaptation to most any situation.  Our shop crew is also fully able to fabricate customized trims, caps and flashings should there be a need for a unique detail not normally offered.

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Valley Flashing

Watertight flashing that spans the length of roof valleys at intersecting planes, these structural components are a vital part of the roofing envelope.  Because metal roofing panels cannot be lap, butt or joint installed, it then becomes necessary that the roof planes where adjacent metal roofing panels would converge that there is the correct application of either a cap, trim or flashing.  Valley flashing from GulfCoast Supply, like all of our structural connectors is engineered to best protect your home from the threat of water damage and is available in strong 24 and 26 gauge steel.

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Eave Drip Trim

Roofing trim that redirects rain run-off away from the perimeter of the roofing fascia, Eave drip from GulfCoast Supply brings form and function to any project.  A large percentage of your roofs exposure to water can be found on and around the Eave Drip Trim, making it a very vulnerable portion of your roof if not sealed correctly.  With a strong vertical face and opposing slope drip edge, this component helps complete the rains journey from roof top to earth floor without spilling a drop.

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Skylight Flashing

Very similar to the application at Chimney’s and other roof protruding structures, skylight flashing creates a watertight perimeter around these roof top windows.  Special built up curbing is most generally used for an elevated base to help keep the skylight out of the direct flow of water, but it does vary depending upon the type of unit and the timeframe that it was originally installed.  To help combat the probability of having a “leaky” skylight with the installation of your new metal roof we provide these weather tight trims and flashing for installation.  GulfCoast Supply also offers a line of Metal Roof Impact Resistant Skylights as well.  See the Accessories page for more information.

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Ridge Cap

Spanning the length of the roof ridge that connects adjacent connecting roof planes, Ridge Cap is multi-faceted in its use and function.  The primary of any structural metal roof component is to provide a water-proofing covering that protects the integrity of the panels and specifically the roof decking below the panels.  Another feature of the Ridge Cap that runs along the peak or crest of the roof is to allow the attic to breath, acting as a vent that allows hot air to escape.  This helps to maintain cooler attic temperatures but does leave the attic vulnerable to driving rain and pests.  Get the most out of your Ridge Cap by adding Discreet Ridge Ventilation; see our Accessories page for more information.

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Gable Rake Trim

Located along the sloping edges of roof gables, this roof trim prevents wind-driven rain from penetration on the exposed underside of the metal roof panels that connect the roofs ridge and eave.  Soft spots on roofs are most commonly the result of roof deck failure due to leaking or wind driven rain that has found its way into the roof structure.  The bounding edge of a roofs perimeter is the major access point for water-entry and water-shed, and is many times the reason for the soft spots commonly found on the roof deck.  Once water finds any entry point, the moisture will begin to “creep” its way across the roof deck, resulting in system failure and internal leaking over time.  Prevent this and other problems by installing GulfCoast gable rake trim.

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Sidewall Flashing

Watertight flashing installed along sloping roof panels at intersecting walls, these Sidewall Flashing members are offered in a solutions that are beneficial for both Exposed and Hidden Fastener metal roofing systems.  They offer superior protection at wall to roof connections that occur where the length of the roof panel runs parallel to the wall or building surface.  As a component, this and many of the other items listed above come as a standard part of your GulfCoast metal roofing package.

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