Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing NOW IN!

Miami Dade Approved Metal RoofingGulfCoast Supply and Manufacturing is now offering Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing! Our 110,000 Square Foot facility in Sebring, Florida is stocked and ready to go with over 10 Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing NOA’s.

We visited Miami this week to check out the roofing scene in the area. While there, many area roofers agreed that the greater Miami market has huge potential for metal roofing. With nearly 2.5 million people, Miami-Dade has the highest population of any county in Florida. It ranks 7th nationally.  Currently, the vast majority of roofs are 3 tab shingle or clay tile, but GulfCoast Supply says that is changing. “There is a huge need for a roofing product that is going to stand up to the high demands of the South Florida climate, not to mention the incredible storm season,” said Miami Account Manager, Tim Viens of GulfCoast.

With over 10 Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing panels, GulfCoast Supply is equipped and ready to service the roofing needs of the market.  Miami is a big place, and has both the very wealthy as well as the very poor. “One of the greatest things we see in all of this is the opportunity to bring a lifetime roof to the end user for close to the same cost as shingles. This has been unheard of until now,” added VP of Sales and Marketing, Ray Bowen.

Don’t Miss Hands-On-Training with Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing

Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing Training This Week!Metal Roof Training will commence today in Miami and continue through the end of the day Friday. “We want to give the roofer the best possible training on both the methods of installation as well as sales so that they can best service their customers,” said Mark Risley, Director of Marketing. All of the metal roof training is done in accordance with Miami Dade NOA installation specifications and is completed on 10 unique hands-on roofing stations. Want to sign up? Visit our Metal Roof Certified Training page here.

For more information or if you would like to discuss your project needs for a Miami Dade Approved Metal Roofing panel, please feel free to contact us Toll Free at (888) 393-0335 today.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Training Alachua Florida

Looking for a way to grow your roofing business?  Want to learn more about Metal Roofing and be factory trained to install it?  Than this event is for you!  Gulf Coast Supply will be hosting a one day Standing Seam Metal Roof Training event on Wednesday, October 15th at their manufacturing facility near I-75 in Alachua.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Training in Alachua Florida

The Metal Roof coursework provided is entirely hands-on, which means you will actually be learning how to install Standing Seam Metal Roofing first hand. “We like to put the roofers in the driver seat”, commented Gulf Coast’s Metal Roof Trainer, Jasson Johnson.  Roofers that attend the event will learn at 10 unique standing seam metal roof training stations.  Each station introduces the roofer to another concept that they would find in the field. “By the end of the day, these guys are walking out of here with a new found confidence and respect for metal roofing”, said metal roof sales trainer, Tim Viens. Continue reading

Metal Roofing vs Shingles

If you are weighing The benefits of Metal Roofing vs Shingles, this is the first of several articles that we feel will be beneficial to your buying decision.


A breakdown in your roof can have disastrous consequences. Even the smallest of cracks or holes can lead to serious water damage inside of your home. Interior water damage can be very costly to repair and the water damage could ultimately affect your property value. In order to prevent a very expensive disaster, it is important to install a quality roofing system that can stand up to the test of time and weather. Ultimately, your roof will be the thing standing between the exterior elements and the valuables inside of your home.  There are a few different types of roofing systems available. Such options include tile roofs, shingles, and metal roofs. Continue reading