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5V Crimp Metal Roofing Systems for Exposed Fastener Projects

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A 5V Crimp premium metal roof from Gulf Coast Supply is the timeless look of authentic Florida in a strong, durable, and energy efficient roofing system. Its 24″ panel width and exposed fastener application make 5V Crimp one of our most economical roofing options. The distinctive design featuring alternating single and double ribs provide the old Florida look, while the screw pattern provides engineering to protect your home in the strongest of storms. MORE >>

Our industry-leading testing and approvals permit the 5V Crimp metal roofing system to be installed throughout the south and the Caribbean, including in Miami-Dade County, home of some of the most stringent building & wind codes in the world.

We stock 5V Crimp in 40 different colors, including 20 colors of Ultra-Fade-Resistive Kynar500® – the only paint finish engineered to best withstand Florida’s harsh UV exposure while maintaining its clean, vibrant appearance. We also stock the 5V Crimp roof system as part of our salt-water and corrosion resistant OceanGuard™ Coastal Aluminum Roofing Series, which features a FULL 25YR warranty right on the beach!

The warranty on a 5V Crimp system is 25 to 40 years, depending on the selected finish. Unlike most asphalt shingle roofs, which have to be replaced after just half of their warranty period, many times with little to no help from their prorated warranties, the life expectancy of a 5V Crimp roof is well beyond the warranty period.

With a wide variety of premium accessories to trim out your 5V Crimp metal roofing system; your new metal roof purchase will be as beautiful as it is energy efficient. Call, chat or stop by one of (4) Florida locations today to discuss the metal roofing benefits of 5V Crimp and receive a free metal roof quote on your project or simply fill out this request for an online 5V Crimp metal roofing quote. << LESS


5V Crimp Metal Roofing Specifications

Colors:40 Colors, Including 20 Colors of Ultra-Fade-Resistive Kynar500® & Mill Finished Gulfalume Available
Coverage:24″ Net Coverage
Material:26 & 24 Gauge Steel, 0.032 & 0.040**
Substrate/Warranty:AZ-50 Gulfalume / 35/30 Year Premium Paint Finish
AZ-50 Gulfalume / 40/30 Year Standard Paint Finish Warranty
AZ-55 Gulfalume / 25 Year Unpainted Mill Finish Warranty
25 Year OceanGuard™ Salt Water Warranty**
**Available options for OceanGuard™ Coastal Aluminum Roofing Series
Approvals:Miami-Dade NOA: 14-0520.02
FL Product Approval No. 11651.1, 11651.12, 11651.13, 11651.14
Minimum Slope:3:12*
*For applications on lower slopes, contact Gulf Coast Supply
Substructure:15/32″ (min.) Plywood or 1″x4″ SYP Purlins on Plywood

Detail Manual

5VCrimp Metal Roofing Installation Guide

View and download our comprehensive detail manual and installation guide for 5V Crimp metal roofing from Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing

Florida Product Approvals

5VCrimp Metal Roofing Florida Product Approvals

  • FL#11651.1 R2 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    0.032″ 5VCrimp 24″ Wide Aluminum Roof Panels installed over 15/32″ Plywood
  • FL#11651.12 R2 (HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    26ga. 5VCrimp 24″ Wide Metal Roof Panels installed over 15/32″ Plywood
  • FL#11651.13 R2 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    26ga. 5VCrimp 24″ Wide Metal Roof Panels installed over 15/32″ Plywood
  • FL#11651.14 R2 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    26ga. 5VCrimp 24″ Wide Metal Roof Panels installed over 1×4 Wood Purlins over 15/32″ Plywood
  • NOA#14-0520.02 (Miami Dade Product Approval)
    26ga. 5VCrimp over min. 15/32″ Plywood
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