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GulfSeam™ is a clip lock metal roofing system. It features a hidden screw design. Clip lock metal roofing allows for maximum design strength. The clips are fully integrated and install without a seamer. The clips attach to the panels. This allows for a safe and strong connection. GulfSeam™ metal roofing is energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Making it a great choice for mid to high end homes. Clip lock metal roofing is also widely used in commercial applications.

GulfSeam™ panels feature a bold 1-3/4″ vertical seam. The panel can be roll formed in many widths between 12″-18″. Hidden fasteners aren’t visible on the final product. This makes for an appearance that is smooth and clean. Hidden fasteners combat the forces of nature without direct contact to wind and rain. The clip anchoring system allows for unlimited thermal expansion. MORE >>

GulfSeam™ is one of our most flexible clip lock metal roofing systems. It can be installed over decking or on top of purlins in an insulated system.

Clip lock metal roofing undergoes extensive testing. This leads to the best engineering available. The roofing market is full of choices. Feel confident you are making the right one with GulfSeam™.

Only Ultra-Fade-Resistant Kynar 500® is available for GulfSeam™. 20 color options are offered. Kynar 500® is the only proven paint finish to best withstand Florida’s harsh climate. Most paints will quickly fade under intense UV exposure. Kynar 500® colors remain vibrant and easier to maintain.

Cool roof technology protects your roof by reflecting the suns radiant heat. This translates into a cooler attic space and home. Which means COOL savings on your power bill. A large number of our colors are noted by agencies like FP&L®.

25 to 35 year metal roof warranties are available. The warranty period is determined by the material finish that you choose. But unlike most asphalt shingle roofs, the lifespan of a GulfSeam™ system is far beyond the term of warranty. Forego the hassle of prorated warranties and regular replacement of shingles. Invest in a clip lock metal roofing system today!

Trim out your new clip lock metal roofing system with our metal roof accessories. We offer a wide variety of energy saving upgrades. Items such as R-Foil insulation and discreet ridge-ventilation. We also have Impact resistant skylights and synthetic underlayments. If it can go on your roof, we have it!

(4) Florida locations are ready to serve you today. Contact us now to ask about the metal roofing benefits of GulfSeam™. Our team will give you a material quote free of charge. Want to get started? Simply fill out our metal roof quote form. << LESS



Colors:20 Colors of Ultra-Fade-Resistive Kynar500® & Mill Finished Gulfalume Available
Coverage:14″,16″ & 18″ Net Coverage
Material:24 Gauge Steel, 0.032 & 0.040 Aluminum**
Substrate/Warranty:AZ-50 Gulfalume / 35/30 Year Premium Paint Finish
AZ-50 Gulfalume / 40/30 Year Standard Paint Finish
AZ-55 Gulfalume / 25 Year Unpainted Mill Finish Warranty
25 Year OceanGuard™ Salt Water Warranty**
**Available options for OceanGuard Coastal Aluminum Roofing Series.
Approvals:FL Product Approval No. 16646.2, 16646.3, 16646.5, 11651.10, 11651.11
Minimum Slope:3:12*
*For applications on lower slopes, contact Gulf Coast Supply
Substructure:15/32” (min.) Plywood, 1″x4″ SYP Purlins on Plywood

Detail Manual


View and download our comprehensive detail manual and installation guide for GulfSeam™ metal roofing from GulfCoast Supply and Manufacturing

Florida Product Approvals


  • FL#16646.2 R1 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    0.032” Aluminum GulfSeam™ 18” Wide Roof Panels Installed over 15/32” Plywood
  • FL#16646.3 R1 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    0.032” Aluminum GulfSeam™ 16” Wide Roof Panels Installed over 15/32” Plywood
  • FL#16646.5 R1 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    24ga. GulfSeam™ 18” Wide Roof Panel over 1″X4″ Wood Purlins over 15/32” Plywood
  • FL#11651.10 R2 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    24ga. GulfSeam™ 16″ Wide Metal Roof Panels Installed over 1″x4″ Wood Purlins over 15/32″ Plywood
  • FL#11651.11 R2 (NON HVHZ Metal Roof Florida Product Approval)
    24ga. GulfSeam™ 18″ Wide Metal Roof Panels Installed over 15/32″ Plywood


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