Detail Manuals

Our metal roof details have been used as the prototype for manufacturers all over the industry because of their in-depth detail and user-friendly layout.

For the most comprehensive look into the installation methods and guidelines of  your new metal roof, simply view and download any of our Detail Manuals below.  Please allow a few moments for Metal Roof Details to load as they are large files.


Please note that GulfCoast Supply and Manufacturing has recently introduced new naming conventions for a number of our panels. For more information, please view and download our Official Name Change Notifications Letter.

 Metal Roof Details for our Hidden Screw Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems:

  • GulfLok™ Detail Manual
  • GulfLokHR™ Detail Manual. Refer to GulfLok™ detail manual.
  • GulfSeam™ Detail Manual
  • VersaLoc™ Detail Manual. Refer to GulfSeam™ and GulfLok™ detail manuals. 
  • MegaLoc™ Detail Manual. Refer to GulfSeam™ and GulfLok™ detail manuals. 

Metal Roof Details for our Exposed Screw Metal Roof Systems:

Resource Catalog

Gain the installation know-how and step-by-step approach with our 3D images that define the metal roof structural components and accessories as well as where each is to be installed.  Following your study of these metal roof details and installation guides you will have a good grasp of the way a metal roof is structurally laid out. Whether it is a roof that has many planes or a standard gable roof, you can feel confident about what items you need and where they are required with our detail manuals.

The entire GulfCoast team is committed to seeing your project succeed, so feel free to stop by or call with any questions you may have about our manuals or the installation of your metal roof project.

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