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The AccuDRYve™ Compression Sensing Fastening System by Atlas Bolt & Screw is a new technology now available that addresses the problem of over or under driving of fasteners which leads to roof leaks and callbacks. Current driving technology utilizes torque and relies heavily on skilled installers, incorrectly seats fasteners at least 30% of the time. AccuDRYve™ technology automatically stops driving the fastener when the cupped washer properly deflects to a flat shape insuring 100% proper fastener seating. This ergonomic technology also eliminates the ‘triggering’ of the screw gun reducing installer fatigue.

The AccuDRYve™ fastener is a key component of the system. First the washer is engineered to deflect when the correct amount of force is applied. Secondly the dual thread design with a coarse thread just under the head pushes the metal down to the wood substrate prior to seating. This prevents the metal from extruding up cutting the washer and insures that the metal panel is flush to the substrate before seating of the fastener.

This system will be available for ordering through Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing in Summer 2018. Ask your sales representative for more details. 

Components of the Compression-Sensing Fastening System:

AccuDRYve™ Attachments

Drives fastener until the required force properly deflects the washer, then shuts off automatically. Patent Pending U.S. Pub. Pat Appl. 20170021481 A1. 

  • Uses tension and force instead of conventional torque for ultimate sealing accuracy.
  • Ergonomic design eliminates the need to pulse the trigger, reducing installer fatigue.
  • Reduces leaks caused by under or over-driving of screws.
AccuDRYve Fastener

Integrated screw and washer are engineered to properly deflect and flatten out with required force, providing optimal sealing for elimination of leaks. 

AccuDRYve™ System Feature & Benefits:

Feature: AccuDRYve automatically stops driving when washer is properly deflected.
Benefit: Fastener seats correctly for leak-proof seals.

Feature: The system ensures a high quality seal every time.
Benefit: Fewer leaks and callbacks and happier customers.

Feature: Foolproof pressure-sensing system eliminates user error.
Benefit: AccuDRYve™ technology turns even beginners into pros.

Feature: Consistent, leak proof long lasting seals.
Benefit: Peace of mind and the freedom to offer a superior warranty

Feature: Engineered washer deflects to a flat shape with the proper amount of force
Benefit: Engineered flex causes AccuDRYve™ to automatically stop driving for optional sealing

Feature: No lift thread under the washer pushes and extrudes the metal downward
Benefit: Prevents metal panel from cutting the washer and causing leaks and corrosion

Feature: No lift thread under the washer prevents the metal panel from riding up the screw
Benefit: This ensures that metal panel is flush with wood before fastener is properly seated

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