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Gulf Coast Supply Panels + GulfShield™ HT Underlayment = The Ultimate Protection Against Heat, Water, and Extreme Weather




GulfShield™ HT is a synthetic adhesive based self­-adhered underlayment providing excellent strength, grip and water-resistance. It is a true synthetic underlayment facer with multilayers, specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions for sloped roofs. It is high-temp resistant – used under tile, slate, shakes, asphalt and synthetic shingle, and metal roofing panels including high-temp applications.




  • Non-woven fabric offers high slip resistance
  • All temperature performance: (-) 40°C to 126°C; all climates, under all roofing styles
  • Weather-tight seal: strong overlap system
  • 100% inorganic surface: long-term moisture protection, won’t rot and is inert to mold growth
  • Durable: resists UV degradation up to 6 months
  • Bitumen based: superior adhesion
  • Handling: easy-peel dual split-release backer film
  • Lifetime-limited warranty


  • ASTM D1970
  • CAN/CSA A220.1
  • AC-48 acceptance criteria for self-adhered underlayments used as ice and water barriers
  • Miami-Dade & Florida Building Code Approved


  • Roll: 36″x 67ft | 2 sq. roll


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GulfShield™ HT PSU Warranty


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