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The Value of CAD Roof Drawings

Did you know that Gulf Coast Supply & Manufacturing offers extremely valuable CAD roof drawings at no cost to you? Not only is this resource completely free to you, but it can save you time and money, in addition to increasing your professionalism.    About our CAD Team Our CAD team is an elite group … Continued

Sustainable Roofing: The Impact of Your Metal Roof

  Pollution levels are rising. Copious amounts of plastics are being deposited into our oceans. More and more land is being taken up by landfills. Because of this, many individuals are taking steps toward more sustainable lifestyles. These lifestyle changes usually start with small steps.  Multi-use water bottles, glass containers for cleaning supplies, thrifting for … Continued

Slope Minimums/Maximums

Low Slope/Steep Slope Metal Roofing   Are you ready for the challenges you will face when working with a steep slope or low slope roof? Let’s talk about code requirements, issues created by low slopes, waterproofing and more.   What is a Steep Slope?   A steep slope is a roof with a pitch greater … Continued

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