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Gulf Coast Supply Honors Our Veterans

One day seems inadequate for recognizing the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have served our country. At Gulf Coast Supply, we like to think that every day is Veterans Day. Today, we honor and salute our coworkers who once proudly wore the uniforms of our nation’s military. As part of the Gulf … Continued

Keeping A Roof (Warranty) Over Your Head

After their new roofs are installed, customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a roof warranty. For contractors who install the roofs, warranties are vital to long-term customer satisfaction. At the same time, if the customers and contractors misinterpret the terms, warranties can lead to confusion. Warranties are contractual obligations from one party … Continued

Tips for Weatherproofing a Metal Roof

Installing properly weatherproofed metal roofing requires attention to a number of small but significant details. Here are four tips for assuring that every roof you install is efficiently and correctly weatherproofed.   Using the Proper Sealant “The first step in weatherproofing your roof is to use proper sealant in the right locations,” says Paul Hope, … Continued

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